Colleges Visits King Campus

By Kaleah Sykes

Martin Luther King High School (King) has a program in which they invite colleges, from community colleges to universities, to come to our campus and speak with students. This is very beneficial mostly for upperclassmen, although anyone is welcome to attend. Almost daily, there is an announcement of who and when will be visiting. Additionally, a schedule of visits is posted on the library doors.

I sat down and spoke with the head advisor and librarian, Mrs. Hall, about the history of this program and how it can assist students.

Who started the program?
From what I understand, four years ago, there was a career center that used to schedule colleges to come and speak, but due to increased numbers of students, that center became a classroom. In 2015-2016, the counselors starting scheduling colleges on their own, but had no where to put them, that is how it came to the library.

Why did the program start?
King started asking colleges to come just to bring awareness of schools, application deadlines, and additional help for students. This is nice opportunity for kids to be able to learn a little more about various schools. The students also have an advantage because most college representatives that come and talk about college life are graduates from that college, so they know what is expected first hand.

Does King provide this service all year?
Sort of, different colleges come at different times of the year. Most state colleges, like the UCs and Cal States come between September and November because their application window closes at the end of November.

Why does King ask colleges to come and speak to the students?
It is a really good idea for the colleges to be able to come and personally visit. They bring awareness of different school opportunities, they provide additional help, and students learn a little bit more about their schools.

How can students benefit from talking to the various colleges?
Students have an advantage because the representatives that come are the ones that read the submitted applications and they sometimes offer to proofread an essay before it is submitted. They provide contact information, information regarding deadlines, financial aid and other campus opportunities. A student will get a lot more information from talking to a representative rather than just looking it up online.