Holiday Spirit coming early to PAWSS  

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By Jonathon Schaffer

The Martin Luther King High School (King) Peers Always Working Side By Side (PAWSS) is a club that helps special education students become less shy by doing fun activities both on campus and off. Each special education student is paired with a “buddy,” someone who undertakes the activities and fundraisers with them throughout the year. “Our goal every year is to build lifelong relationships between our buddies and the special kids,” explained Mrs. Lough, special education teacher. The buddies even teach the special education students how to use cell phones so they can stay in touch over holiday breaks, or when a buddy graduates from school. “The parents appreciate it the most, because they love seeing their children making new friends,” asserted Lough. On Wednesday, October, 18, the club held their annual pumpkin carving event. At this event, buddies helped the students decorate pumpkins with paint, stickers and markers. “It makes us feel more interactive with King [by] interacting with the special kids,” explained PAWSS member Denver Murray, 11. The PAWSS club will also be hosting fundraisers to support their activities and more holiday events such as cooking food for their buddies for Thanksgiving, a gift exchange at Christmas, and a dance in the springtime.