The Club That Inspires

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By Ashley Emerson

Breast cancer alone will claim an estimated 70,000 brave lives by the end of this year. That may seem like a mass quantity of people, but in reality it is only 0.5% of the estimated 14,000,000 men and women diagnosed with cancer each year.

Mr. Warren, a cancer survivor and English teacher here at King is the advisor of the King Kids Against Cancer Club (KKAC). He founded the club in 2012 to help support those who are currently fighting cancer and to help those who have fought and won the same battle he once did, people like our very own principal, Mr. West.  West was diagnosed with melanoma in 1997. He found an unusual mark on his skin and went to get it checked out. He remembers feeling scared after getting a phone call while out playing golf: “I need to speak to you right away,” his doctor said.  His doctor, who is also his friend, told him that “It isn’t easy telling your friend he might die.” West underwent surgery to remove the cancerous tissue and has been cancer free ever since.

For breast cancer awareness week (Oct. 9 through Oct. 13), KKAC brought awareness in a variety of ways.  They sold pink light up bracelets, pink shirts, and pink beaded football necklaces – pink being the official ribbon color for breast cancer. Warren donated all $3,600 of proceeds to the American Cancer Society.  In addition, KKAC dedicated each day of the week to other cancers with their designated ribbon colors to help spread awareness. On Oct. 11, Kailey Marin, 11, and president of KKAC, gathered a few members of the club to help decorate posters for the football game. According to Marin, the most touching event was seeing those affected by cancer. “We arrange for people who currently have cancer or who have survived cancer to come out on the field [at the Oct. 13 Friday night football game] and be recognized as a fighter,” Marin stated. The immense sense of gratitude those courageous fighters feel to be alive was evident on their faces as they walked down the field with smiles.

Look for future KKAC events.  One of the favorites is the end-of-the-year Senior vs. Staff softball game.