New AP Comes to King


By Hayley Scamihorn

For any Assistant Principal (AP) of Guidance there are many things to juggle all at once, but for our new AP, Dr. Leann Iacuone, that does not seem to be an obstacle.  With organizational skills being one of her best assets and it has helped her complete her hectic duties in a timely manner and keep most days moving along smoothly. Although she takes on a fair amount of work at once, she knows the next event, issue, or emergency is right around the corner.  Iacuone spends most of her time considering what is best for students and their future. “I truly care about each and every student’s academic career and future,” she explains.  

Iacuone began her path in education in South Carolina as a high school science teacher. She always tried making education a fun learning experience and encouraged her students to follow their interests. Her goal has always been to make sure students have the opportunity to pursue the career path they desire. “As I got more and more involved in the development of science curriculum to meet the needs of students, my path started going in the direction of administration.” After moving from South Carolina to California, Iacuone decided to search for an administrative position where she could use her skills to help students in different ways.  

She was the AP of guidance at John W. North High School before coming to King. From her point of view, being an AP of Guidance at North and at King, are very similar. She is responsible for the master schedule of classes, guest speakers, and working with the guidance counselors. Since Iacuone was already familiar with the position, it was a relatively easy transition from one school to the other. She has enjoyed the different personalities of each school and the things that are unique to both.

In her opinion, the most significant obstacle King’s administration is facing today is the balance of the socio-emotion of King’s students. Meaning, for some students, emotions are dependent upon others thoughts, feelings or actions of other people. As she pointed out, “I would like to see students preserve through difficult situations and become student advocates for themselves so they are able to be better prepared for life after high school.”