Beloved teacher leaves King

By: Connor sharp

This past month Mrs. Susan Jaggers, a King High School (King) teacher and Advanced Placement (AP) Coordinator, left to take on a new job at the Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) Office.

Mrs. Jaggers started teaching at King seventeen years ago as a Pre-Calculus teacher. Her fellow math teachers remarked how she was a key member of the department, often helping with planning lessons. One of the teachers reflected that she was always in a happy mood and loved to make math jokes from time to time. Several students said that she made learning fun and was a favorite teacher of theirs.

Besides being a math teacher, Mrs. Jaggers also helped the school in other ways. As AP Testing Coordinator, she helped students sign up for AP classes and trained AP teachers on the testing format. A couple of years ago, she stepped in when an office administrator suddenly left and they needed a temporary replacement. Principal Michael West recalled how Mrs. Jaggers had been a huge help around the office. In addition to her teaching load, she took on important administrative tasks, such as Western Association of Schools (WASC) Coordinator.

Now she works at the district office as the new Instructional Support Specialist in math, supporting middle and high school teachers. She assists them through training and provides curriculum support to math departments.  All to insure that students are learning what they need to learn in order to move on to the next math level.

It is evident that Mrs. Jaggers was a beloved teacher who did anything she could to help the students and the school and will be greatly missed by all at King.