Hicks’ Happiness


By: Nathan Ramirez

There is a saying, “Positive thoughts, generate positive feelings, and attract positive life experiences.” Dion Hicks, 11, is unique in many ways, perhaps his most distinctive quality is that he may be the positive student you will ever encounter. Like most teens, Hicks enjoys spending his time with his dogs, playing video games, and participating in King’s band. However, his positive outlook on life seems to run deeper than most.  His Chinese teacher, Mrs. Jaworoski, puts it quite simply, he is “really respectful and very positive.” He describes his enthusiasm as “having a good personality and a good attitude.”  His fervent outlook on life began in middle school after some troublesome times in elementary school. “I wanted to become more mature and feel good about myself,” he recalls. He also added,“I also have good friends that make me feel happy and I guess you could say that my positivity level just keeps going up.”  His attitude about life goes a long way and with all the negativity out there today, we certainly need more people like Hicks in this world.