PAWSS Thanksgiving Feast

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By: Connor sharp

On Wednesday, November 15 the Peers Always Working Side by Side (PAWSS) Club hosted their annual Thanksgiving Feast in G117 during lunch. The event was run by the PAWSS teacher and PAWSS club members. The purpose of the event is to bring students and teachers together to celebrate the values of friendship and family.

At lunch club members and students who bought tickets lined up outside the PAWSS room while the teachers prepared the food, consisting of turkey, ham, rice, potatoes, macaroni, cheese pizza, and cookies.  Classrooms were decorated in advance with festive fall colors of brown, yellow, and red and each table held a centerpiece that added to the atmosphere of joy and friendship. Once everything was ready, PAWSS students and their buddies were welcomed in, followed by guests.

Food was served in a buffet style and many people walked among the tables freely chatting with friends. One of the special ed students, Ruby, expressed that her favorite part of the event was the cheese pizza. Her buddy and club member Skye Smith, 12, said,“I love that besides the amazing friendships everyone was able to come together as a family in this special experience.”

Seeing the joy on everyone’s faces it is easy to say that the PAWSS club had achieved their goal: to host an event that brought students and teachers together to be thankful for friends and celebrate Thanksgiving.