Self Taught Artist

IMG_2019By: Hayley Scamihorn

Art is a form of self expression, generally in a visual form and always a creation from the soul. Most artists start off taking classes or purchasing books to improve themselves, but Faith Chirinos, 9, diverges from the rest. She began drawing in kindergarten, solely sketching pictures of nature such as, mountains, flowers, farms and the ocean. Chirinos’ grandfather then started teaching her basic drawing techniques. He showed her the form of an object and the distance of what is being focused on. Later, she practiced using the objects around her as inspiration of what to draw and express. “It’s a way to express my feelings and my true self.” she stated. One example is an image of a dying flower.  In the image, shading and depth are used to make the picture pop out and give it an almost 3D look. The color of the petals contain mixtures of the shades of red. When the colors start to darken towards the outside of the flower, it means that those petals are dying. “Eventually everything beautiful always ends,” as time moves on, anything beautiful loses its “light” and eventually comes to an end, explains the artist.  Although she does not want to pursue a career in art, she plans to continue drawing for enjoyment.