Those Who Teach, Can Do!

By: Nikko Rodriguez

Teachers have weekends off, they work short days, they have summers off, teachers are paid well, teachers are all the same, teachers just are not as good as they used to be, if they were really good at their job, students’ test scores should reflect that, teaching is easy…anyone can do it. Like they say, “Those that can’t do, teach.”  According to the National Center for Education, as of the Fall of 2017, there are 3.2 million teachers in the United States. Fifty-six percent of those teachers have a education of a master’s degree or higher. That means they have spent over six or more years themselves in a classroom. The time and energy they put into becoming teachers and the time and energy they put into being teachers is why some say it is a ‘noble career.’ states, on average most teachers spend seven and a half hours a day providing direct instruction in their classroom, then an additional two hours planning and communicating with parents or colleagues through email or phone calls, with only 23 minutes of personal time for themselves – this personal time includes lunch and bathroom breaks.  In addition to this, according to a survey done by The Washington Post, they arrive an hour before school begins and many spend an additional 90 minutes beyond the school day grading papers, tutoring, and preparing other classroom activities. These hours do not even take into account those spent coaching or working with kids in extracurricular activities. According to CNN Money, the average working hours in America is 34.4 hours a week. The average hours a teacher works in a week is 53 hours – 18.6 hours more. Another misconception is that teachers are not fond of being evaluated. states an average of 94% of teachers want an evaluation and are entirely open to constructive criticism. The will of teachers to be engaged with their students is what drives them.  Most teachers believe that engaged teaching attributes the most to students’ success. With the tremendous hard work and dedication that is put in towards teaching, teachers are people that we should truly be grateful for.