What has Our America Become?

By Julianne: Alejos and Kaleah Sykes

What kind of person kills an innocent crowd of concertgoers who came together for a night to remember, or a group of elementary school students who only wanted to learn, or a group of peaceful people who gathered to worship in a church? According to the Gun Violence Archive, America has been rocked by 46,695 shooting incidents this year alone. Within those, there has been 1,516 mass shootings, resulting in 1,719 deaths and 6,510 injuries. In fact, more than 540 of those who were injured or killed this year were children, along with 2,439 teenagers. Children, before our time, did not have to worry about these sort of things. Little kids are beginning to become aware of the atrocities tearing our world apart. It’s sad to have to learn different drills and precautions in order to help insure our safety.  With all this said, how can we live in a world where life has become of such little value? These treacherous crimes have become somewhat of a regular occurrence, lessening the surprise of when they do happen. Ironically, it seems as if anywhere we go today, we are taking a chance on life. No place seems safe: churches, local movie theaters, and even schools. The fact that there is always that possibility of leaving in an ambulance or even worse in a body bag can hold someone back from living life. In the last 1,735 days, there have been too many loved ones taken because of inhumane crimes. It has been said that these shootings were caused by the limited restrictions on gun control or by mental health, yet it seems as if we continue to just say that these are the causes without actually acting on it in order to prevent anymore shootings. President Trump has been one to say that the Texas church shooting was caused by a mental health problem. Despite the fact that he says that he believes mental illness is the cause behind these mass shootings, he continues to choose to not take any legislative or policy action to prevent this from occurring again. Our own President is aware that this is a problem, but it is apparent that he thinks it is in the best interest of the country to set the situation aside, leading to even more lives being taken away. Even though numerous shooters that have been behind these shootings have been mentally ill, the fact that they can even purchase gun is a problem itself.  Today, in some states, a person can purchase a gun with no questions asked, which is disheartening since there is always that possibility of someone misusing a weapon that can cause so much destruction. Regardless of why these shootings continue to occur, we have to stop thinking about the cause, and instead call for action that is so desperately needed. As we continue to argue over why it is happening, the shootings will continue to occur, taking more innocent lives as a result. As time passes without any resolution, more lives are being taken by the minute, destroying  futures and tearing families apart.