Link Crew Winter Olympics


By Jonathon Schaffer and Connor Sharp

In celebration of the real Winter Olympics beginning in February, the Martin Luther King High School 2017 Link Crew held their own Winter Olympics, Monday, December 11th through Friday, December 14th. “We really wanted an event that brought all the classes together in a fun way,” explained Macey Tibbets, 12, head organizer of the event. On Monday, in true Olympic form, Link Crew began with an opening ceremony by introducing the five participating teams: team orange, team red, team blue, team yellow, and team white. On Tuesday, the contests began with real life hungry hippos and balloon stomper games. Wednesday was elimination games of tug-of-war, a Nascar race (with tricycles), and a Riff off between the five teams. With three teams eliminated, team orange and team yellow faced off in the finale with a Capture the flag game to determine the gold and silver medal winners.  “It was cool integrating freshman in with other classes and having them work as one team,” said Link Crew member Louis Holguin, 12. The 2017 Link Crew Winter Olympics concluded with a closing ceremony honoring gold winning team orange who donned t-shirts stating “2017 Link Crew Winter Champions.”  Even though team orange was the overall winner, it was clear to see a good time was had by all.