What to Watch on Netflix and Hulu

By: Julianne Alejos and Connor Sharp

Nowadays, with the convenience of online streaming, we can binge-watch the shows we love and miss like The Office, Friends, Full House, and Lost. Netflix and Hulu also offered some of the newest, most popular and original shows such as 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, Stranger Things, and Dark. With the access to the online streaming services whenever and wherever, more shows from all genres are being created that appeal to the teenage demographic.

Netflix has caught a lot of people’s attention with the release of their own original shows. One of the most popular shows was Stranger Things, a show about supernatural forces invading a small town in Indiana in the 80s. With the quirky sense of humor and the nostalgic appeal, Stranger Things garnered the attention of critics and viewers and continues to gain popularity.

In addition to the sci-fi/comedy, Netflix had also received rave reviews with 13 Reasons Why, a show based on beloved author Jay Asher’s novel about the suicide of a teenage girl leading to the release of 13 cassette tapes that threatened to expose the secrets of 13 lives.

One of the newest Netflix originals is First They Killed My Father, a documentary about Loung Ung, a survivor of the 1975 Cambodian Genocide. The story is told through the eyes of seven year old Ung, as she and her family flee from the U.S. invasion of Cambodia into a life of prisoners during the communist Khmer Rouge regime. It has been nominated for several awards including Best Foreign Language Film, Freedom of Expression Award, and even a Golden Globe.

For those seeking horror themed movies and shows, The Ritual and Dark are the ones for you. The Ritual follows a group of young men and women as their quiet camping trip in the woods turns into an encounter with the supernatural. Dark follows four small town families as they attempt to find the truth behind the disappearance of two young boys that seems to be linked to their dark pasts.

Similarly to Netflix, Hulu also had quite a year with the addition of shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Blackish. On their 14th season, Grey’s Anatomy is still dominating Thursdays with the twists and turns of a medical drama. Television shows like Blackish and Fresh off the Boat give an insight into the lives of quirky, dysfunctional American families. These shows allow viewers to identify with families who have been underrepresented in television until now.

Anytime and anywhere, you can dive right into an alternate universe with the help of Netflix and Hulu. Every show is a new reality, bringing the viewer along for the ride.