March for Change!

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By Ariana Sanchez

    In 2012, the nation cried for Sandy Hook Elementary. We mourned as a country for them: we gave several memorials and tributes, we changed our profile pictures and changed our bios to “#Never Forget.”  Yet, since 2013, there have been 142 school shootings.

     One month ago, on February 14, a terrorist brought a gun to school and killed over 17 people. Survivors are speaking out, refusing to be silenced and let this situation go quietly. A new generation is rising and we have decided enough is enough.

    From their rallying cries, the “#Never Again” movement broke out across the nation. Today, there was national walkout for schools was organized in protest against gun and school violence. Martin Luther King was one of these schools to join the action.

     At 10:00 am, students gathered their belongings and walked out of classrooms, filling the halls and the walkways. As the students gathered onto the soccer field, loud and empowering speeches from King’s own students echoed out to their fellow peers. In these short minutes, students, teachers, staff were unionized: their rage, their courage, and their desire for change bound them together, their feelings completely absolute.

     Anyone would agree that anything more than a single school shooting is one too much. Sadly, we cannot change the past. Yes, we can hope for a bright future, but doing nothing to ensure safety is a death sentence. However, we know this already. We are done hoping. By acting here in the present, we can be sure that this truly happens “Never Again.”  #ENOUGH